Roller coasters and cell phones aren't a good combination.

Theme parks have signs on all their major roller coasters stating that all loose articles need to be secured before boarding the train. This is not only for you to keep from losing your valuables, but also from losing them while on the ride and then possibly hitting another guest below the track. Parks also know you want to video your ride with your phone in your hand, but this is a bad combination because of the G-forces, twists, inversions and sudden turns on coasters this isn't a good move because your phone can become easily dislodged from your hand and go flying!

See the following video for a prime example of this! In this case though, a very alert passenger happened to catch a flying cell phone in mid-air while on the ride! It's totally amazing how this guy sees the phone and is in the right place at the right time to catch it. You know the passenger in front of him whose cell phone went flying was thankful he wasn't scared of this coaster and rode it with his hands up!

Now I've just got to book a trip to Barcelona, Spain to ride this coaster for myself!

Quickdraw McGraw dude was from New Zealand! MSN says he was rewarded by the owner of the cell phone with a copy of the video the coaster caught while 'in flight'!

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