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Kilgore Vote Agaist Banning ‘Texing While Driving’
Last week Governor, Rick Perry vetoed a "Texting While Driving" ban. But East Texan communities are taking action on this very danger practice. Months ago Kilgore City Council had been discussing passing their own ban but were waiting to see what measures the state took. More aft…
Apple Announced iPhone 5, iOS and OS X Updates
All of us Apple Junkies who took a bite of the "forbidden fruit" and are hooked on the technology watch and listen for the news of the next new update or upgrade in software and hardware.
There have been rumors that there isn't going to be an iPhone 5 but rather a software update. (Seeing a…
When NOT To Pull It Out
Having a cell phone these days is as vital to your life as breathing, and although breathing is
encouraged to continue at all times of the day -- talking on your cell phone is not -- more after the jump.