It’s common knowledge that Texas can have some extreme weather at times, especially the heat and humidity of the summertime. But snowmageddon in 2021 showed us that snow can make things very difficult at times too. Although right now we aren’t talking about the super-hot summer or the cold winter temperatures. Let’s chat about some of the best times in East Texas, the Fall, when leaves are changing colors and making the lone star state look even more beautiful. 

Last year, I was driving through Winnsboro and Mount Pleasant on the perfect weekend as leaves were changing colors and about to fall off the trees. If I remember correctly is was in October but I was just blown away at how gorgeous the colors looked as I was driving along the highway. Which just made me wonder where some of the best places are to see the colors changing as the seasons change.  

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Walking Trails Can Be the Best 

If you’re looking for some of the best places to see the fall colors change, getting out to a local walking trail can be some of your best options. Plus, you don’t have to go far from your house to see all the beauty of the Fall season in East Texas. 

Here are Some Great Options if Your Driving 

If walking makes it difficult for you to see the beautiful colors change in East Texas, you’re in luck because the AI program Chat GPT suggested visiting these locations for the stunning color changes around the Fall season.  

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