Like so many people in the great state of Texas, I love spending time outdoors. We live in such a beautiful area it’s nice to get outside and feel the sunshine and enjoy the scenery around us. While it can be difficult during the extreme heat of the summertime when it cools down just a bit it’s wonderful, especially when there is a nice breeze. If you enjoy spending time outside too you’ll want to keep scrolling as we have a list of some great places for a picnic with locations all over East Texas. 


As we all know everything is bigger in Texas so there are plenty of places for a picnic within a short driving distance, although if you’re looking for more of a road trip and picnic experience you have plenty of opportunity for that as well.  

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Don’t Limit Yourself 

You could look at the list below and decide on one place for a picnic, but why not make it a fun picnic bucket list and visit each of these locations. I can promise you will never regret going on an adventure to enjoy lunch outside in a new location. You might find a new favorite place to visit in East Texas. 

Let’s Look at the Suggested Picnic Locations 

You could always go to your local park but if you want to venture out and picnic somewhere new, you should visit one of these tremendous locations. And if you have any other places that should be added to this list make sure you let us know about it in the comments.  

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