Do you remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood? A wolf terrorizes the little girl and eventually eats her grandmother. The wolf attacked again, but could not kill this grandma. 

Aishat Maksudova, 56, was caring for her farm animals when a wolf came for some lunch. Metro news heard the whole story when they caught up with Maksudova in the hospital recovering from the wolf attack.

She explained to them that she was tending to her animals when the wolf approached. It caught one of her calves to take off for a meal, but she was not going to have any of that. The wolf, angered by this refusal to a tasty treat, focused its attention on the savior of the calf.

The wild animal caught Aishat Maksudova's hand in its teeth with no intention of releasing its new target. Maksudova tried with all of her might to release her left hand from the wolf's mouth. When she could not release her hand from the tenacious assailant, she picked up her axe.

One well place swing to he head left the wolf dead and the woman free from its terror.

How amazing is that?

When people talk about girl power or the wrath of a woman, Aishat Maksudova will no doubt come to mind. Plenty of men, I am sure, will be jealous of this win over such a beast. There are not very many people that would have the courage and clear head to fight such a battle. The guts and clever mind to handle such a predator comes so rarely in this modern world.

Maybe they can revise the Little Red Riding Hood story to have a completely different ending with the addition of Aishat Maksudova as the grandmother.

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