An off duty Texas police officer gives his first-hand account of the Las Vegas mass shooting that took place Sunday night, October 2. With now 59 fatalities and over 500 people injured, this has become the worst of its kind in US history. But Bruce Ure - a former officer at Friendswood PD, former Police Chief in Victoria and currently the Deputy Police Chief in Seguin - was able to save at least three lives amidst the chaos.

Ure gave details about the horrific ordeal in an interview with KHOU. According to the news site, he was there celebrating his birthday. A Facebook post dated at 4 pm portrayed his jubilation being at a music festival. 11 hours later, he simply posted 'I am ok too'.

Shortly after gunfire took place, Ure described the scene to KHOU:

Myself and another person screamed 'gun and everybody get down!' and everybody thought getting down would work because nobody expected a gunman to be 30 plus stories up in the sky shooting down on you like fish in a barrel.

Ure took some shrapnel to his hand, but he didn't take cover. He knew there were people out there in far worse condition, so he took action.

I heard it. It was like a whistle. It hit the ground and part of the shrapnel, the bullet, busted off and sliced up my hand.

Ure told the news there were a lot of heroes trying to help that night. The people Ure saved (and are currently in stable condition) included a man shot in the leg, and two women - one with w chest wound and another with a 'bullet in her back'.

Watch the video of his interview above. This Texas officer made a difference, even though he wishes he could have done more.


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