Heroes are all around us helping East Texans every single day.

These heroes are teaching us new things everyday. From day care workers, pre-school teachers, elementary, middle and high school teachers to college professors and in the workplace, teachers give us new perspectives on way to think about things and how to go about solving problems.

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These heroes are providing excellent health care when we need it. From caring for the most critically ill patients to those that just need a little bandage, nurses do an amazing job calming those that need it the most when they're not feeling well or recovering from a sickness or injury and also with encouragement and motivation to get them back on the road to feeling better and being themselves again.

These heroes are providing immediate medical care when time is most important. Emergency medical technicians (EMT) are assisting East Texans every time a call come in to 911 for medical assistance. This group of people are often saving lives while traveling the county roads and highways of East Texas as they transport patients from their homes or accident scenes to the hospital.

These heroes are providing safety and security for our communities every hour of every day of the year. Police officers are out in our communities each and every day placing their life on the line to protect us all. From patrolling the streets to playing a game of pick up with neighborhood kids in the park to handling some pretty difficult and stressful situations, they're putting their best into the job each day.

Throughout the month of May we partnered with Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa to recognize and honor our East Texas Heroes with our Heroes Month. You nominated teachers, nurses, EMT's and police officers to be recognized on the air through our station app. After collecting all the entries, we picked one name from each group to receive a special prize package that included:

We would like to congratulate the following on being the honored heroes:

  • Keaton Hand - Police Officer - Henderson Police Department
  • Bettina Nixon - Nurse - Christus Good Sheperd, Longview
  • Heather Clayton - EMT - UT Health East Texas
  • Taryn Nelson - Teacher - The Leadership Academy, Tyler

Thank you to all of our East Texas teachers, nurses, EMT's and police officers for what you do for our communities each and every day. We truly appreciate the job that you do.

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