Now that the statue of Robert E Lee has been removed from Lee Park in Dallas, it seems the rush is on to get rid of just about anything to do with the events that happened between 1860 and 1865 in America. What's next? Let's rename some schools.

How many Schools? Well, The Dallas Morning News reports that four schools named after Confederate generals will be renamed, and 21 more are being considered for name changes as well.

While I personally can not agree with most of the principles these generals fought for, what bothers me is the rush to seemingly erase this part of our history altogether.

Remove the statues, rename the schools, remove any trace that at one time half the country decided to fight for what they believed in. While their cause may have been one of the worst causes for which people ever fought, it was part of what made America what it is today. Now it seems we are afraid for anyone to know about it. Or maybe we are just afraid people might be offended by it?

"Forget the past and you are bound to repeat it". It's a phrase as old as the hills, but true none the less. DISD officials will start with efforts to rename schools named after Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Albert Sidney Johnston, and William Cabell before moving on to 21 other potential name changes.

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