Sometimes you see things that make you tilt your head thinking, "They had to have done this on purpose. Right?"

One of my favorite things to see are epic fails when it comes to birthday cakes. You know when you call a bakery and tell them over the phone that you want it to say "Happy Birthday" and underneath put that person's name? However, you show up and the cake literally says "Happy birthday underneath Brandy". You've seen those right? We all have some good laughs over those I am sure, but this new TikTok I saw may just take the cake, for real.

A woman with the user name @Ashlinm92 posted a video on TikTok that shows the biggest sandwich fail ever. The woman ordered two huge sandwich platters at her local Walmart. She asked for the sandwiches to be half wheat bread and half white bread. Sounds simple right?

Maybe the person taking the order thought that she wanted them to be made with half wheat bread and half white bread? This is the perfect reminder to always check your order before you leave a store or restaurant with a big order.

Imagine the surprise when the TikTok user saw her order was messed up. Every sandwich in the order was made with a slice of wheat bread and a slice of white bread. I mean, maybe the person who took the order thought that the instructions were open to interpretation.

Although this is coming out of Virginia, this is a mishap many of us wouldn't be surprised to see in Shreveport. Still, no word if she kept the tray of sandwiches for the party she had planned.

@ashlinm92Ordered a sandwich tray from Walmart. Half wheat, half white. This is what we got. #ohno #stupidchallenge #fyp #haul♬ Oh No (Instrumental) - Kreepa

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