Garth Brooks' new song is a message of unity. "We Belong to Each Other" was first shared by Good Morning America's Robin Roberts, but the superstar opened up about the message in what he referred to as a "soapbox."

The beachy, doo-wop acoustic country song focuses on what makes us the same, regardless of skin color, gender, sexual preference or ideology.

"Ain’t no wall can divide us / No matter how high / Ain’t no storm can untie us / For all it may try / We’re all leaves on the same tree / Under one sky / Don’t let nobody tell you, otherwise," Brooks sings during the first verse before a chorus that goes:

"We belong to each other / We are sister and brother / Born to love one another."

During Monday night's Inside Studio G on Facebook, Brooks talked about unity and how anything that divides makes him angry.

"The last thing we need to do right now is divide," he begins, with Trisha Yearwood riding in the car alongside him. "People, trust me. If you’re ever gonna see me pissed off about anything, don’t divide. Don’t let ‘em divide us. That’s when it falls apart. It’s the first rule, between darkness and evil is division. It’s the first rule if you’re going to take over a country is to divide the country. Do not let ‘em divide us."

"We are all human beings, beyond color, beyond gender, beyond sexual choice, beyond religion. That is searching for the truth. Have the patience to search for the truth. Expect your government that you have elected to act rightfully when that truth is found. Patience. We’ll get there. But do not let ‘em divide us."

Few details about the writing of the song are known, but it may have been written by Brooks or some other very well-known artist. During the conversation, Yearwood tries to give props to the writer of "We Belong to Each Other," but Brooks smiles and says he'd rather let the lyrics speak for themselves before revealing who penned the message. Typically, the 58-year-old goes out of his way to celebrate songwriters, especially unheralded songwriters.

"Music is the greatest healer and also the greatest equalizer," Brooks shares in the caption of his Facebook post about the song. "A lot of people have asked how I feel about what is going on in the world right now ... and music is where I turn to answer that question — We Belong to Each Other, We are Sister and Brother... ALL OF US. We must not divide, but unite."

It's not clear how the song may be released beyond just the Facebook video shared first by Roberts and then on Brooks' own page. He often releases music through Amazon, but has also been promising a full length album called Fun for quite awhile.

Later this month, Brooks will host a drive-in theater concert to be aired on 300 screens nationwide.

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