Grab the tissues now because chances are you're probably gonna need 'em. The video went viral last year - a deputy pulls a car over for speeding just to see a frantic mother jump out the car with an unresponsive 12-day-old baby. That alone is enough to make me cry. In case you missed, let me catch you up.

South Carolina Deputy W. Kimbro with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office pulled a vehicle over on June 11 for speeding. After pulling over, one of the passengers exited and explained to Deputy Kimbro that they were rushing a small infant to hospital after she was found choking and had stopped breathing.

That's when Deputy Kimbro jumped into action and began massaging the baby's chest and searching for a pulse. After clearing her airway, the baby began crying, and Deputy Kimbro was able to call for EMS. He was rewarded the “Life-Saving Medal” for his actions, the department said.

Now fast-forward a year later, Deputy Kimbro is getting another honor - baby Ryleigh's godfather. Deputy Kimbro attended Ryleigh's first birthday party with her family, but was taken by surprise himself this week when Ryleigh's family surprised him with a very special gift.

“I was finally able to scratch it off, and, underneath the scratcher, it says ‘Will you be my godfather?’ My jaw just dropped. And, I just looked at Ryleigh, who was sitting on her grandma’s lap. And, I just said, absolutely, yes, absolutely, and my wife got the same card,” Deputy Kimbro told WCIV.

Lives forever changed because of June 11, 2019.

“What was the reason that I actually went down that street, you know? Because there were 5, 6, 7 other streets I could have gone down. You know what? As the saying goes, ‘God works in mysterious ways,’” Deputy Kimbro said.

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