George Dennehy looks like your normal teenager. He just graduated high school, has a girlfriend and is getting ready for college. And, like most teenagers, he loves music — even playing it.

But, there’s one problem. George doesn’t have any arms. Although, it’s not really a problem. Check this out!

This video shows George, a 2012 graduate who lives in Ashland, Va. (according to his Facebook profile), playing at the annual Ashland Strawberry Faire. The event celebrates the region’s annual strawberry harvest, and it awards scholarships each year to area students.

One of those recipients was musician George Dennehy, and he performed after receiving his scholarship. He played 1990s classic “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls — and he does it with his feet.

This video is proof that you should never back away from your dreams, no matter what obstacles you think stand in your way. It seriously brought tears to my eyes, seeing a kid who loves music enough to do whatever it takes to just … play.

George looks like just an all-around amazing kid. Follow him on Twitter — he’s not one to feel sorry for himself. He just chases his dreams every day.

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