One of my favorite things to do is discover all of the hidden gems we have in East Texas. I love checking out our growing number of wineries, new boutiques, art galleries, and OF COURSE restaurants. However, it would be extra fun if someone who knows the area well and could plan an organized trip could help me and my friends explore not only more efficiently, but with the inside knowledge of details and new places I may have missed.
Well, that is what Sip & Shop Texas is all about. They have organized trips and tours in our different East Texas cities and will take you and your friends on a memorable adventure. In fact, tomorrow there will be a 'Sip & Shop' in Athens! Get the details here.
But Sip & Shop has events all throughout the summer. Coming up August 2 and 3, there will be a 'Sip & Shop' wine and beer garden set up during First Monday Trade Days in Canton in Trade Center 1. August 10, the 'Sip & Shop' event will be hosted by Downtown Tyler's 'Hit the Bricks!'
On top of these events, Sip & Shop Texas offers other unique seasonal excursions such as getaway trips for the girls, recurring tours of the East Texas wine trail, and even trips to see the Texas Rangers!
They've made seeing and experiencing the best of East Texas easy and even more fun. Visit their website or their Facebook page to see their upcoming schedule and get ticket information!

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