Granger Smith and his family have moved into a new home they just finished building on their land, and they've delivered a fun tour of their beautiful rustic farmhouse in a new episode of their online series, The Smiths

Two years after the tragic passing of their 3-year-old son River Kelly, who died in a drowning accident in the pool at the family's former home, Smith and wife Amber built a new ranch-style home in their native Texas, near Austin.

It's exactly what they wanted — and exactly what they needed — and nothing more.

The home tour begins with a stone path that leads you to the perfect front porch, complete with a bench swing and rain chain. The front French doors open up to a beautiful open concept kitchen and main room. There's no television — the family decided not to put a TV in the space, "so we just have to talk," Smith says with a laugh. In its place is a beautiful photo of the Texas Hill Country draped in wildflowers, with sunlight peering through trees. Amber shares that the photo depicts what the property looked like before they built the house — the scenery is what initially sold them on the property.

In the Smith family's dining area is a custom wood table and bench to match. They utilized supplies from around the country, including repurposed wood from a barn in Indiana, to make an archway in the main room, as well as rocks from Colorado, along with the big stones found on their property, to build the fireplace. "The windmill is the centerpiece of the house," Smith notes, pointing the camera toward a giant windmill in the yard that stands in front of a red barn.

Amber's office nook boasts a neon "Arise" sign — her YouTube show — and a photo of the three children, London, Lincoln and River, alongside a photo of the couple sharing their first kiss as husband and wife on their wedding day. Meanwhile, London's room is a girl's dream with soft pink features, a reading nook and trundle bed, and the nursery for baby Maverick, who will soon join the family, boasts forest green walls and his name written in wood lettering above the cradle, along with decals of rustic trees next to a rocking chair. Older brother Lincoln's adjoining room features two photos of Texas A&M's football field (Smith's alma mater) and a sweet picture of Lincoln and brother River.

The tour ends with a peek at the Smiths' cozy bedroom that features a tranquil view of the big oak tree, red barn and windmill, along with a sliding barn door that leads into a walk-in closet. Upstairs the country singer built a custom music studio with recording booth and podcast area that emits warm, comforting vibes. "I love this space up here. This has been such a good vibe," he notes of the place where he'll make new music.

"I love it. I think it's farmhouse but it's simplistic and clean," Amber says, reflecting on the house and the custom decisions they made during the building process. "I think it turned out really good."

The family is expecting a new baby — Granger and Amber's fourth child — a son they've named Maverick, in August 2021. They announced their pregnancy, which happened via IVF, in March. The couple decided to name the baby Maverick Beckham Smith in honor of River, as the letters "R-I-V" appear in Maverick. Beckham means "home by the river."

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