Back in 2013, Gilbert 'Toby' Curtsinger put together a group to steal and sell bourbon from the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky. One member of his group worked at a distillery that made Wild Turkey.

Curtsinger, who worked on the loading docks, would load the barrels into his truck, cover them with a tarp and take them to potential buyers according to

He did this while still in his work uniform.

What got him caught was an anonymous tip came in saying that there were whiskey barrels behind Curtsinger's home.

When authorities searched the property, they found five of Wild Turkey 101 and Russell's Reserve which were valued at $3,000 each. The tops and bottoms of the barrels had been painted black to cover up the logos.

That wasn't all they found.

Anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, needles and a large amount of cash were found. Curtsinger may have been selling the steroids as well.

At the conclusion of the investigation, it had been determined that total value of all the stolen bourbon was around $100,000.

Curtsinger and his many accomplices have pleaded guilty to the crimes. He could face fifteen years in prison. Sentencing won't be decided until all the trials are complete.

Here's what makes me the most sad about this story. Once all the trials are done, it has to be decided what happens to the confiscated whiskey.

Prosecutor Zachary Becker told that said, "They might have to be destroyed."

Nooooo! I will be more than happy to give the bourbon a good home. Good bourbon or whiskey is always welcome in my home.

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