When you get on social media now it doesn't take more than a few seconds before you find someone complaining about someone or something. Everyone has the right to post on social media but when I see something positive it stands out more now because I am so used to seeing all the negative posts. But that is why I loved seeing so many people post positive reviews about one Jacksonville, Texas Walmart employee.

While I have never had the privilege of chatting with Tana Hancock before I hope that someday I bump into her in the grocery store because she seems to make a positive impact on everyone she speaks with. The lady who first posted about Tana online said that she needed assistance three different times while inside the store and each time Tana was there to help.

Great Customer Service in Walmart Can Be Difficult to Find

You hear so many people talking about how it's difficult to find assistance in Walmart stores, it was awesome to hear such positive reviews. And after the initial positive comment was made there were lots of other customers that felt the same way about Tana. It's clear that Walmart is lucky to have such a hardworking employee.

Tana Plans to Stay With Walmart For a While

Through discussion a customer found out that Tana is working toward becoming a manager at Walmart. If she continues giving this level of customer service it won't be long until she gets promoted.

Tana thank you for being a positive person always willing to help others who stop by the Jacksonville, Texas Walmart store.

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