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It's hard to believe, but in 2020 there are still several prominent hate groups with huge followings operating in the United States. And this just isn't a problem nationally, it's an issue here locally in Louisiana and in Shreveport. Southern Poverty Law Center, the group behind this research, "track more than 1,600 extremist groups operating across the country. We publish investigative reports, train law enforcement officers and share key intelligence, and offer expert analysis to the media and public."

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC for short), in 2019, they tracked 21 groups they define as hate groups in Louisiana with 2 confirmed to have operations set up in Shreveport. There are 5 organizations without specific branches or home locations. Those organizations include the KKK, Patriot Front, Identity Dixie, the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge and Great Millstone. In fact, in 2019, dozens of Patriot Front stickers and posters seemingly promoting white supremacy were found around Downtown Shreveport. There are also several FBI cases and other accounts that mention investigations into KKK activity in Shreveport dating from 1921 to recently. In 2011, the Southern Poverty Law Center listed a KKK branch location in Shreveport, but that since has been removed from their 'Hate Watch' list.

However, aside from statewide operations, the Southern Poverty Law Center mentions two hate groups that specifically have branch locations in Shreveport: The New Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam.

The New Black Panther Party, which has no association with the group from the 60s and 70s. In fact, members of the original Black Panther Party have "rejected the new Panthers as a “black racist hate group” and contested their hijacking of the Panther name and symbol." The NBPP has a strong anti-semitic and anti-white stance. While I won't put their hate filled public stances in this post, you can read about their organization here.

The other hate group that has an established branch in Shreveport, Louisiana is the Nation of Islam. The group operates a mosque and learning center in Shreveport and has a strong social media presence. According to the SPLC, the Nation of Islam is a strongly conflicted group. According to the center, the NOI does offer numerous programs and events designed to help and uplift the black communities in which they operate. However, the Law Center notes the organization is rooted in "deeply racist, antisemitic and anti-gay rhetoric". The group has also been the center of several notable crimes including the assassination of Malcolm X. Also, according to FBI documentation, in 1964 the group tried to start up a mutual, working relationship with the KKK.

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