Most people probably don’t take the idiom “come hell or high water” to the same extremes as Chris Pine and Ben Foster in their latest movie. While nothing may stop them from saving their family farm, Jeff Bridges‘ Texas Ranger won’t let them get away with how they do.

In Hell or High Water, brothers Tobey (Pine), an ex-con, and Tanner (Foster), a divorced father, face the impending foreclosure of their sick mom’s farm. In the first trailer for the film from director David Mackenzie (Asylum), the two decide to go on a bank robbing spree, which is enough to convince Bridges’ retiring lawman that he “may have one hunt left” in him. While Bridges is well familiar with playing police officers, he told USA Today he worked with the famous Texas Ranger Joaquin Jackson to prep for the role.

Sicario screenwriter Taylor Sheridan penned the script for the crime thriller, which was previously on the 2012 Black List under the name Comancheria. directs. Hell or High Water premieres at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival next week in the Un Certain Regard section and will open on August 2.

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