Like much of America, I love watching home renovations shows, particularly the ones that focus on the shoddy work of terrible contractors. Well, in a series of events that read like an episode of Catch a Contractor mashed up with a C-list horror flick, a real renovation doozie of a nightmare recently happened on the Connecticut shoreline.

Not only did a presumably lazy renovator seemingly blow every known building code in the book, they nearly killed someone. On Sunday (June 28) the Guilford, CT Police Department took to social media with images of this unique rescue that they took part in.

The nightmare scenario unfolded when a local resident reportedly fell through the floor of their friend's new home, right down the 20-30 foot dark shaft of an uncapped well that was apparently hidden underneath regular wood flooring with no sub-floor to support it.

The Connecticut home itself was built in 1843, but the room that was built over the well was done in 1981. The new tenant was moving into the residence and in the process, their friend fell through the floor, plunging down the aforementioned 20 to 30-foot shaft into very cold water that was over their head.

The extremely lucky/unlucky victim suffered only minor injuries in the fall and incredibly, they had to tread water for almost 25 minutes before help arrived in the form of Guilford Firefighter Venuti, who climbed down into the shaft to make the rescue.

This is the kind of scenario that only happens in cartoons or maybe Silence of the Lambs. Can you imagine the sheer terror for not only the victim, but the poor friend who just moved into what they thought was a nice place to live? That's a helluva homecoming, right? I wonder if one of the selling points of the house was that it came with "lotion in the basket."

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