56 years ago, a bouncing baby boy with a big head and 5 o'clock shadow was born in Springfield...yes, Homer Simpson celebrates his 56 birthday today, at least according to the birthdate given Homer by his creator, Matt Groening.

So...in celebration of getting one year closer to 60, some Homer fun facts and audio montage follow the jump.

  • Homer's full name is Homer Jay Simpson
  • He was named after Matt Groening's dad - Homer Groening.
  • Homer is voiced by Dan Castellaneta. who also does the voice for Krusty the Clown, among others.
  • His parents are Abraham and Mona
  • Some sources list his birthday as May 12th, but we're going with May 10th, 1955, although his on-screen age is supposed to stay around 40.
  • Matt Groening sketched and came up with idea of the Simpson's family while sitting in the lobby of James Brooks as he was about to meet him to pitch some ideas for TV shows his way.
Homer Simpson

Here's a collection of some 'Homerisms"...enjoy!

OH....or should I say D'OH, but wait...here's a bonus video of the actors who do the voices for the Simpson's characters.

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