Paying a nonrefundable deposit for a restaurant rezzy may sound crazy to some, but as it turns out this place has been charging the deposit for reservations for awhile. And it seems that Turkey Leg Hut in Houston, TX is so popular that folks are willing to pay it.

I've never been to visit Turkey Leg Hut, but Snoop Dogg and James Harden have. It's developed quite a following, so obviously there are people who are fine with it. And of course walk-ins, that don't require a deposit, are welcome.

Pat aka @TheStockGamePat had this to say, "It’s almost impossible for two people to sit down in Houston, and it’s some dumb people in these comments. Following those little instructions and sending a cash app is a much better use of my time instead of standing in line for hours."

Monet aka @SocialMonet  tweeted that "Any reputable business accepting a fee disguised as a deposit using Cash App is suspect."

But this is not a new policy reports that, "The Turkey Leg Hut Reservation policy has always been in place since they began taking reservations years ago, this is not new at all," said Turkey Leg Hut publicist Sherrie Handrinos. "The deposit goes directly toward your bill. There is not a formal contract, you are simply agreeing to the terms listed for your specific reservation."

So, what do you think? Would you put your money down for a reservation? But wait, before you answer, check out these mouth-watering pics, they may influence your decision. Let us know.

Popular Houston, TX Restaurant Charges a $100 Nonrefundable Deposit for a Reservation

I've yet to visit Turkey Leg Hut, but it's definitely gotta following. I'm not sure that I'm in a space where I'd be willing to fork over $100 for turkey legs before even sitting down, but obliviously there are people who are fine with it. I doubt any establishment would keep doing something like this if they were losing business over it.

But first , before you answer, check out pics of their mouth-watering pics, may influence your decision. Let us know.

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