Do you ever feel like there's never enough time in the day? I do on a fairly regular basis. We feel like we are going as fast and efficiently as possible. Yet at the end of the day it seems like we got very little accomplished.

Add in that it's the beginning of a new year and many of us are seeking to incorporate new, more productive habits, and the sense of evening unease is compounded.

However, having dug in and looking more intently at the ways I spend my daily hours, there are definitely time-sucking culprits we don't always register because they've become such an unconscious habit. Precious minutes are wasted doing things, or not doing things. What are some of the biggest ways I've found to *not* use our time wisely?

Fail to plan meals. Look, we're really busy. The idea of sitting down and planning our meals just seems like one more task to add to our already too full list. However, I know that when I take a little time, say on a Saturday or Sunday, to pre-plan meals, it saves me loads of time during the busy work week. This is especially crucial if you're seeking to eat more healthfully. Make sure you've made a list and have all the ingredients you need to make the food that will truly nourish you so you're not stuffing your face with whatever in the midst of a busy day.

Absentmindedly watch TV. Hey, there's a lot to watch nowadays. I love it. However, there is a big difference between sitting down to watch a show you love and have planned to watch versus just plopping down and turning it on because you are avoiding doing something else. Be mindful.

Don't start your day with a "to-do" list. Seriously. Take five minutes the night before and write out the top five or ten things you want to get done the next day. You'll feel so much more prepared in the morning with your mind is foggy and you're not sure where to begin.

Random social media scrolling. Oooh this is a biggie, isn't it? We're social creatures and wired to be stimulated by interacting with other humans, even if it's digitally. However, it's proven to be addictive and literal hours can add up if you don't discipline yourself.

Don't deal with the clutter in your house, office, or on your desk. Clutter can drain our mental energy. Trust me. Just try to clearing off your work area and see if your brain isn't much more able to focus efficiently on the tasks at hand.

That's just a few. There's a plethora of time-wasters we engage in on a daily basis that, when eliminated, can make us feel like we've gained the super power of stopping time.

What others might you add to this list?

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