Have you ever found yourself having a conversation with someone who, even though the words were "friendly," there was something about them that was communicating the inverse? If so, there's a good chance it was their "body language" that was sending the message that was less than friendly.

It's been said that more than 90% of our communication in not just the words we say, and as much as 60% of what we're communicating is nonverbal completely--body language. Furthermore, these nonverbal cues may be having five times the impact on the "listener" as what you are actually saying. Hmm. Sounds like we may want to double check our body language, yeah?

So, imagine two scenarios. You meet a new person who says "pleasure to meet you." But, they won't look you in the eyes and may even be positioned away from you. On the other hand, you meet someone else who doesn't even say a word. However, they look directly at you, smile, and may even reach out to you. Which of these persons do you think you're most likely to make a connection?

Not only is watching your own body language crucial, but being able to effectively interpret the body language of others can be extraordinarily helpful in both personal and professional situations. You'll be much better able to perceive when someone may be attracted to you, get the vibe that someone is being dishonest, or see the best way to approach a prospective client or customer.

If you've never even thought about your body language and what you're communicating, don't worry. It can be learned. Get more tips on that here.

Here are a just a few types of body language you may have seen or exhibited and how it may have been perceived: 

Excessive foot-tapping -- anxiety or just boredom

Open body (meaning neither legs nor arms are crossed) -- acceptance of other

Leaning in -- There is interest in the person and/or what they're saying

Slouching or looking downward -- poor self-image or lack of interest

There are many, though. If this is something you've never considered before, I highly encourage you to take some time and consider what you or others may be communicating, whether they mean to do so or not.

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