While it's fine to throw away certain batteries in your own trashcan in Houston, TX, and across our beloved state, there are some that could get you into legal trouble by tossing out.

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So, yeah, probably most of us know that discarded items such as tires and paint in the trash could catch you a case, we've got a few things on our list that may surprise you.

Did you know that "Texas law requires businesses that sell these batteries to accept your old one when you purchase a new battery," so local auto parts retailers should be set up to receive these batteries for recycling."

Here in Texas we have the Litter Abatement Act, which outlines different levels of punishment based on what you dump and where you dump it. It's this act that could get you in trouble, charged with everything from a Felony with jail time, to a Class C Misdemeanor that carries just a fine.

One thing that can be confusing to many Texans when it comes to "illegal dumping", the "illegal" part. It does not necessarily pertain to public or private land. It's referring to what's being dumped, illegal substances or objects even on your own property can definitely get you in trouble.

If you get caught illegally dumping, you can face steep fines up to thousands of dollars or possibly even jail time. While penalties vary from state to state, illegal dumping in Texas is considered a serious crime and can be very costly. According to the Texas Health and Safety Code, the punishment is more severe the more waste you dump.

Here are a few items that you are not even supposed to dispose of in your on trash can or on your own land here in Texas.

It is Illegal to Throw These 5 Things Away in Texas

So, yeah, if you're like me you've known things like tires and paint in the trash could potentially catch you a case, but a few things on our list may surprise you.

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