Air fryers have changed our lives, from Dallas, TX, and around the country, they've given folks a chance to enjoy crispy food that's healthier than food cooked in fatty oils, and it comes with shorter cook times.

Unfortunately, Best Buy has issued a voluntary recall for one of their popular air fryers. According to the recall "The air fryers can overheat, causing the handles to melt or break, posing fire and burn hazards. Additionally, the air fryer ovens can overheat and the glass on the door can shatter, posing fire, burn, and laceration hazards."

The next step is identifying if your air fryer is affected by the recall.

Insignia® Air Fryer and Air Fryer Oven Recall Self-service Portal

Best Buy, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is voluntarily recalling certain models of Insignia air fryers and air fryer ovens.

Step 1. How to determine if your Insignia Air Fryer or Air Fryer Oven is being recalled.

The brand name INSIGNIA is on the top or front of each unit, and a rating label on the underside of each unit identifies the brand INSIGNIA and the model number.

The images below include the models affected by this recall. Below are just four of the affected models, however, there are ten being recalled. Please review to see if your model is affected. CLICK HERE TO SEE EVERY MODEL AFFECTED.

If you have an affected model, please immediately stop using it. Then you can proceed to Step 2, which includes Registering for the recall by completing the online form by clicking here.

Top 5 health benefits of an air fryer:

  • Reduced Fat Intake: Air fryers use a unique cooking method that circulates hot air around the food, resulting in a crispy exterior and a moist interior.
  • Lower Risk of Chronic Diseases.
  • Time-Efficient.
  • Versatile Cooking.
  • Easy to Use and Clean.

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