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Texas Teen Might Have Set New Records for Shooting a 31 Point Buck!

Texas teen, 14-year-old Reili Brewer might have set a new state record after she shot and killed a 31-point buck with a 244" antler spread.

Now Texans are all ears waiting to hear if this young lady broke the state record!

Now all of Texas is waiting to hear the final results.

Reili credits her dad for her patience even in the intense moment of having to fire the shot. “My nerves were shot, but my dad’s words were with me,” Reili says. “I just took a big breath and slowly squeezed the trigger.”

The Brewer's offer that they had been tracking this massive buck 31 point buck for over three years.

close up on eye of a fallow deer ( dama )
Antlers&HIcks YouTube
Antlers&HIcks YouTube

It turn out, Reili had forgotten her rain gear so her dad let her use his to stay warm. They've been hunting together for years and love the time they spend together in nature.

At about 6am Mr. Brewer left the deer stand to warm up a bit in his truck.

That's when he heard Reili take what very may be the biggest shot of her life.

“She was just screaming and crying, ‘I shot the big one,’” he said during a KFYRTV interview.

It looks like the big one might very well become "the biggest one."

The Texas youth records is 209 and Reili's buck is a whopping 238 1/8.

It will take about 60 days for the official record but if Reili 's buck breaks records like Texas hopes it will, she will be ahead of the game by a long shot.

Check out the interview with the Brewers on Antlers &Hicks on YouTube.

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