This is the stuff of nightmares from some! A video that was posted to social media this weekend shows riders stuck on the 'Sky Screamer' at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington in the middle of the Texas summer heat. According to the post, the air temperature was 103 degrees. It is not clear how long the riders were stuck. Will this video keep you from riding a theme park ride?


Back in July, riders were rescued from a ride called the "Fireball." If the ride looks familiar, most of us remember this ride being called the "Super Loop" in carnivals in Victoria and all around South Texas from back in the Day. This incident happened at Forest County Festival in Crandon, Wisconsin. In multiple videos posted to TikTok, you see riders suspended upside down. News reports say riders were upside down for over three hours!

@dailymail HORROR as people are stuck UPSIDE DOWN for HOURS after ROLLERCOASTER STOPS mid-ride #fyp #rollercoaster #wisconsin #festival #horror #scary #news ♬ A mysterious scene of the near future like Blade Runner(994826) - The Structures


@cbs58news Scary video shows riders at a county festival in Crandon, Wisconsin stuck upside down on a ride. The video is from Scott Brass, who says the ride was stuck hanging upside down for more than four hours. More info at - link in bio. #Crandon #Wisconsin #ForestCountyFestival #carnivalride #fireball #rollercoaster ♬ original sound - cbs58news

Viral Video Shows Massive Crack in Operational Roller Coaster

This video has popped up many times on my TikTok feed, also in July,  It shows an operational rollercoaster swaying as the ride cars pass a cracked beam. Some people would call this the stuff of nightmares. I think this is great engineering! The fact that there is a crack in the beam and the ride still continues to function means it was built correctly. Of course, repairs are needed immediately and the ride has been shut down indefinitely! Check out the video below. This video was posted to the social platform by jojoglynn.

@jojoglynn Oh hell no! So scary! My son and I rode this one before. #ohhellno #scary #scaryshit #rollercoaster #coaster #🎢 #carowinds #fury #fury325 #crack #cracked #broke #broken #amusementpark #southcarolina #northcarolina #sc #nc #charlotte #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound - Jo

According to news reports, this roller coaster is called the Fury 325 and is located at North Carolina's Carowinds Park! Investigators will be on-site Monday to figure out what happened after a dad spotted a crack at the top of one of its steel support pillars. Check out the ride in its entirety...

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