Bucc-ees is a Texas institution- these enormous travel centers offer everything from plenty of gas pumps to aisles of proprietary snacks and Bucc-ee Beaver merch. And, of course, those famously sparkling clean bathrooms. They are a required stop on almost any Texas road trip.

In the last few years, Buc-ees has expanded beyond the Lone Star state, with locations (and fans) as far away as Flordia and South Carolina. Bu-cee's now supports nearly 5,000 jobs. And those jobs might just be downright enviable ones to have.


That's because Bucc-ee's ranks #5 in the highest-paying entry-level retail jobs nationwide. That's particularly remarkable for a company that only has locations in the Southern half of the U.S. (the furthest north is a location in Colorado). Southern states tend to have much lower minimum wages than their northern counterparts:

Fewer than half of the Southern states (six states plus D.C.) have a minimum wage higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. In every other region, more than half of states have minimum wages higher than $7.25 (EPI 2023).

But at Bucc-ee's entry level does not equal minimum wage, like at some other retail outlets. I've seen some Bu-cee's hiring signs that have made me rethink my choice to be a writer. Not only is the hourly sky-high, but the benefits are fantastic too. And if you make it into management, you're really rolling in the dough, or should I say Beaver Nuggets?

Is there a drawback? Does this high hourly wage somehow cost the employees? I have seen some employees say that Bucc-ee's can be strict about being on time, requires being on your feet, and is "demanding" in general. I've had similar requirements at jobs that paid $9 an hour so none of that makes me blink.

If a Bu-ccee's is hiring in your area, I wish you luck on your application and interview.

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