How much time do you think you're saving by speeding in Amarillo, Texas? Today while driving to work I watched a person in front of me weave in and out of traffic doing much faster than the rest of us. Did it help them get anywhere faster? A recent study that was done about speeding in Texas would say, no.

Does Speeding In Texas Save You Time Getting Where You're Going?

A recent study was done to determine whether speeding really helps you get where you're going faster. The results weren't what most of us would be expecting. The amount of time you save by speeding isn't worth the cost of the ticket.

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According to the study by Assurance IQ, you would have to drive 54 miles over the speed limit to save 10 minutes on your daily drive. That's an eye-watering amount. I'm pretty sure that would lead to some kind of jail time and you never being able to be behind the wheel ever again. That's insane just to save 10 minutes.

How Much Time Does Speeding Really Save You In Texas?

The study breaks the numbers down even further. Looking at the state's speed limit of 75 miles per hour, you would have to drive 10mph over the speed limit just to save a couple of minutes. If you go twenty miles over the speed limit, you only save five minutes off your commute time. The cost of that speeding ticket just to save five measly minutes doesn't seem worth it.

We all have reasons for wishing we could go faster. Sometimes we're running late. Others we're excited or on our way to something important. There are even those among us who just never learned the fine art of having patience. No matter the reason, it doesn't really help to go over the speed limit. Just relax.

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