The Lone Star State is no stranger to ghost stories, frightful legends, and terrifying lore. We've also got plenty of stuff that's pure fabrication. I recently came across a treasure trove of haunted houses and houses that are supposedly inhabited by spirits. One charges you admission, while the other just wishes you'd stay away.

Did you know there are over 100 "haunted" places to enjoy in Texas this Halloween?

I recently came across a website, Fright Find, that amounts to being pretty much a one-stop shop for all things "spooky" across the US. The site catalogs haunted houses in every state. By haunted, I mean those that are occupied by your friends in cheap makeup and those that supposedly contain the real deal.

What is most interesting is the number of locations across the state of Texas that the site has listed. In total, there's over 100 haunted locations in Texas alone. This includes places that are supposedly "actually" haunted, and those that have knock-offs of famous horror movie characters.

For "actual haunts" they have 61 locations listed on their site. This includes everything from a supposedly haunted Howard Johnson hotel (a haunted Ho Jo...) to historic landmarks.

Photo by Enzo B on Unsplash
Photo by Enzo B on Unsplash

In all honesty, the haunted Ho Jo is the one that I found to be most...interesting; something about the bed coming to life with a hundred hands and electricity. I know some motels where they charge you extra for that.

When it comes to the other variety of haunted house (the one your neighbor works at), there are 38 listed on the site. We have pretty much every kind of "haunted house" you could want in the Lone Star State. There are small town mom and pop's outfits. You have attractions at theme parks. There's a lot to choose from.

Then even catalog mazes and patches across the state. They have 9 listed on their site, which honestly has to be a low-ball number. There has to be more than that in Texas.

In fact, the vast majority of everything listed seems to be from outside the Texas panhandle. If you own a haunt, or have a favorite, add the info to the site and get the panhandle some proper representation. The panhandle is haunted too, dangit!

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