The brave men and women of the Denton, Texas Police Department recently helped wrangle a bull that had escaped into a residential neighborhood.

A bull charging around my neighborhood like the one in the video at the bottom of this article is literally my worst nightmare.

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And I don't mean figuratively, which is what most people mean when they say literally these days. I literally mean literally.


Once Upon a Time

There were hundreds of acres of grazing fields behind my parent's house where I grew up. Many times, cows pressed up against the barbed-wire fence separating our yard from these fields. I believe there were bulls mixed in as well, but it really didn't matter, I just knew these enormous beasts could charge you like I'd seen in Bugs Bunny cartoons.


The Incident

One day, when I was about four years old, we were pulling up in our driveway in the old Mercury Monarch, when we realize the fence had broken and a bunch of cows were standing in our backyard. I was terrified. I figured we were all about to die a horrible death under the hooves of these beasts.  Our very own personal Running of the Bulls.


For about the next ten years, I always had nightmares about Bulls being inside my house when we would get home. So there's that.  Anyways, enjoy the video for yourself, below.



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