Check out the creepy moment a tow truck driver harassed a Houston woman.

The video below shows a recent altercation between a couple of ladies riding on their motorcycles and a creepy tow truck driver. Well, all tow truck drivers are creepy, they literally make their living stealing cars.

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Let's break down the footage.

Having a Lovely Drive

The video opens with a couple of attractive ladies tooling around Houston, Texas on their bikes. A tow truck passes by them and starts honking.


I Think We're Being Followed

The woman tries to lose the creep several times to no avail. Imagine being so dumb that you stalk someone in a truck that has the business name written right there on the side of the door.



How Dare You Not Enjoy Being Tailed!

After following these ladies all the way into their apartment complex, one of the ladies drops her bike and confronts the driver of the truck. Once confronted, instead of apologizing, this rascal says that he only wanted to say hi. He then asks "Who do you think you are?"



Check out the video below:

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