No amount of stupidity on the road is worth getting shot over.

And let’s face it, there’s no shortage of stupid drivers on the road in Texas. That’s why I do my best to stay aware of my surroundings and drive defensively.

Getting into an accident is bad enough. But getting into a fight with somebody in the middle of the road and then having a gun pulled on you is even worse.

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Because you never know if someone is unhinged enough to actually murder someone while road raging.

After searching online, I wasn’t able to verify the circumstances that led to the woman pulling a gun in the below video of a recent road rage incident that happened at 1960 and Eldridge in Houston. The video doesn't show the gun being fired, but you do hear the gun go off at the end. However, another person shared a video that shows she missed (but most likely has some charges headed her way).

Hopefully, everyone will start to chill out once it starts to cool off a little out there. Because this summer heat has people losing their minds.

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