Dr Pepper people, I need you to not join in on this drink trend. Please don't make this a thing.

People Are Experimenting With a New Dr Pepper at Sonic

Here I was minding my own business when I discovered that folks are now ordering this Dr Pepper drink at Sonics in Texas. In case you're unaware, Sonic has 168,894 possible combinations for their drinks. You can mix and match all sorts of ingredients into your favorite beverage. However, I was unaware that this was a thing.

Dr Pepper and Pickles?!

Yes, people are going to Sonic and asking them to put pickles in it. I wasn't even aware pickles are a possible drink combination ingredient at Sonic, but folks say it is actually pretty good. Coming from someone who finds pickles absolutely disgusting, I will not be trying this on my next Sonic Drive In experience.

Pickle People Are the Worst!

I swear, I could go pick up a piece of dog crap, mix some pickles into it and pickle people will be like. "You know what, it's not bad." Stop putting pickles into everything I have drawn the line and we do not need pickles in our sodas.

Dr Pepper Fans Try These at Sonic Instead

I was curious as to what you should actually put in your Dr Pepper at Sonic instead of pickles. According to Two Pink Peonies, these are the best flavor combinations at Sonic

  • Dr. Pepper with vanilla cream
  • Dr. Pepper with vanilla
  • Cherry lime Dr. Pepper
  • Chocolate Dr. Pepper
  • Carmael drizzle Dr. Pepper
  • Chocolate vanilla Dr. Pepper
  • Dr. Pepper with whipped cream and cherries
  • Dr. Pepper with green apple
  • Dr. Pepper with blue coconut

^Note, pickles not on the list. Not trying to yuck anyone's yum, but pickles need to stay in their lane.

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