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At this point, East Texas students have approximately four weeks of summer remaining. Four weeks for vacationing, splashing around in the pool, staying up late and chatting with friends while gaming or on social media, and not having to worry about bedtime. Not worrying about what time it is will suddenly come to a halt in the middle of August thanks to the new school year beginning and then it's back to class and homework and wondering when summer 2024 will be here!

As the new school year approaches, we'll be seeing those all-to-familiar yellow school zone lights flashing again around area schools reminding us that school is once again in session. Only this year, Tyler drivers will have to get used to new lower school zone speed limits around twelve Tyler ISD schools.

The Tyler City Council approved an ordinance on Wednesday, June 14th to lower school zones to 20 miles per hour at twelve schools after reviewing existing school zone speed limits within the city.

The current school zones range from 30 to 35-mile-per-hour speed limits and those signs will be replaced with the new 20 miles per hour limit around the following schools:

  • Andy Woods Elementary
  • Boulter Middle School
  • Caldwell Elementary
  • Clarkston Elementary
  • Cumberland Academy
  • Griffin Elementary
  • Hubbard Middle School
  • Jack Elementary School
  • Moore Middle School
  • Ramey Elementary
  • Rice Elementary
  • Tyler Legacy High School
  • UT Tyler University Academy

The school zone for Clarkston Elementary will be removed.

Cameron Williams, City Of Tyler Traffic Engineer says,

The decreased speed limits for school zones are for hours designated on school days, where school zone signs are posted, or at any time when electrical control devices are in operation advising motorists of the speed limit in the school zone. This decision will improve safety for children and create a more consistent environment for drivers within school zones."

You'll want to observe those flashing yellow lights and adhere to the new school zones because Tyler Police will be enforcing these new speed limits and you don't want to get a ticket within a school zone.

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