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Much to the shock and chagrin of adult film lovers all across the Lone Star State, adult pornography site Pornhub appears to have begun blocking Texans for accessing the site.

The reaction and outrage has been pretty swift to say the least as social media exploded with folks reporting that they couldn't log into the site.

What Happened And Why Is It Blocked In Texas?

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You can thank Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who is basically taking lots of folks to court over the last few months for a variety of reasons (mainly to keep attention off his upcoming criminal trial set to begin in April) and Pornhub was one of his targets.

Texas HB 1811 states that commercial porn sites must require users to provide digital identification, which includes using a system verifying ages using government-issued ID or a "commercially reasonable method" that can verify someone's identity.

The law also states that adult websites must show three health warnings on landing pages and advertisements, as well as a notice at the bottom of every webpage.

Pornhub Was Facing Potential Fines For Non-Compliance To The Law.

Chad Hasty,
Chad Hasty,

According to the law, websites that do not comply face penalties that include up to $250,000 if a minor accesses "sexual material harmful to minors;" up to $10,000 "each day a company lacks age-verification;" and up to $10,000 for "each instance of improper retention of identifying information."

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The law was supposed to go into effect last September before stalling due to a court injunction but that injunction was vacated by a federal judge in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on March 7 which lead to Pornhub's subsequent "self-imposed" blocking in Texas.

Searches for VPN services have skyrocketed around the state.

Computer Hacker
Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

The lack of porn in Texas has turned many into "tech wizards" as residents scramble to find a workaround and many are searching for VPNs. VPN stands for virtual private network.

A VPN is a service that basically ensures that your online experiences are private, protected, and more secure.

Some reports state that there was a 1,750% increase in Google search trends for “Texas VPN” in the past day, a 3,100% increase in Google searches for “Is porn banned in Texas” and a 3,050% surge in searches for “How to verify age on Pornhub,” as well as a 1,600% increase in search trends for “How to access Pornhub.”

So if you want the nasty stuff, you'll have to find a VPN that works for you.

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