If You're Looking For A Cup Of Joe In Tyler, Trust Us, Its Not Hard To Find One.

Don't take this headline at face value, no "studies" have been conducted that say Tyler is "officially" the most "caffeinated" city in the area but its hard not to notice that every few months, a NEW coffee shop is popping up in the city.

Last year, we pointed out that coffee shops are proving to be so lucrative that we now have around 20 coffee companies operating in The Rose City:

A Google Map Search Of "Coffee Shops Tyler" Showcases What I Mean.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In almost every nook and cranny of Tyler, you will find a place that serves up the liquid gold that lots of folks apparently need to make it through the workday.

While the map shows shops who mainly serve coffee, you also have to factor in the dozens of gas stations and convenience stores around the city that also carry coffee. No wonder folks be so jacked up driving like maniacs on the loop.

Just When You Thought The Tyler Coffee Movement Was Ending, Another Company Is On The Way.

Now PJ's Coffee Of New Orleans wants in on the Tyler Coffee market as they have been granted a permit to build a new location at 6555 Old Jacksonville Highway, which is near Jucys Hamburgers south of Grande Boulevard according to KLTV.

PJ’s has locations in 14 states with the Tyler location as their first in East Texas. No word yet as to when they will begin construction or open but get ready for another coffee option here in the most caffeinated city in East Texas.

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