Texas is a beautiful state that is made up of many different landscapes that each come with their own mix of wildlife.

From deserts to swamps, there is a great variety of animals that are native to the Lone Star State. Unfortunately for many of them, their habitats are being turned into urban developments, leaving hundreds of species without homes.

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There are around 150 species that are listed as ‘threatened’ in Texas. Plus another 74 that are considered endangered. From large to small, all of these animals are being impacted and their populations are dwindling.

While many might assume that these endangered species are lesser-known animals that won’t make much of an impact on the ecosystem if they go extinct, that is far from reality. There are very well known animals on this endangered list, and if they were to disappear completely, it would have a major impact on the ecosystem they are native to.

What's the big deal?

Whether they are a predator that keeps prey population down, or prey that is a primary food source for a larger animal, every animal is important to its local environment. So, it is important to be mindful of our impact on them.

Keep scrolling to see just 7 of the 74 endangered species in Texas. They are all important, they are all in trouble, and you will likely recognize each one.

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