If you have traveled in Texas, you know the state is filled with highways and interstates some are huge with 12 lanes like in Houston, and some with two lanes like a small city in the Texas Panhandle.  Then you have highways on the Gulf Coast like Galveston that run near the water.

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Either way, Texas is full of unique highways.  If you travel near the Gulf Coast in Galveston or live in the area, you have probably driven a unique highway in Texas.

The Shortest Highway in Texas


According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the shortest state highway in Texas is State Highway 168.  It is located in Galveston, Texas.

The highway is .885 miles long.

The highway curves off Ferry Road and ends at the Military checkpoint to enter the US Coast Guard and Homeland Security Base and home to the USMC Reserves.  Depending on traffic, the highway will take you less than 10 minutes to drive.

If you reside in the region, you may or may not be familiar with this small highway. Generally, individuals without business on the military base do not drive on this road unless they plan to visit the Corp Woods Sanctuary.

Although TxDOT says that State Highway is the shortest highway, there is a State Highway in Austin that may have them beat.

State Highway 165


This highway is located in Austin, Texas.  It runs on Comal Street from 8th Street to the entrance of the Texas State Cemetery and then partially into the cemetery.

This highway is .5 miles long.

If this is the case then this state highway would technically be the shortest in Texas. However, this highway might not count as the shortest anymore because it isn't attached to any other state highways and part of it is locked during the night hours because it is in a cemetery.

If driving the shortest state highway in Texas is on your bucket list, then it's time to plan a road trip to Austin and Galveston.

Fun Fact: The shortest highway in the US is New Jersey's Route 59, at 792 ft.

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