Toby Keith's son Stelen accepted the singer's induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame on behalf of the family. It didn't take him long to do the job.

  • Stelen Covel (pronounced Steel-en) is Toby Keith's only son and the third of three kids the singer raised with wife Tricia.
  • In introducing Stelen, Brooks & Dunn let him know they were aware of how much Keith loved him, and all of his children.
  • John Anderson and James Burton are the other inductees for the Class of 2024.

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After Keith's death on Feb. 5, Stelen was the first of the star's kids to speak about the loss on social media. An emotional post called his father the "embodiment of the American spirit" and included personal details about their relationship.

Taking the dais on Monday morning, Covel kept it short. He needed just 23 seconds and 43 words to say what needed to be said:

On behalf of my whole family, we wanna thank the Hall of Fame. It's an honor to stand here and represent my father. He's an amazing man, husband, father and artist. Just wanna thank everybody for being here. Thank you.

If Keith's wife Tricia or other children were in attendance, they weren't spotted on the CMA livestream. Daughter Krystal Keith has been the most public of the bunch: She had a recording and performing career in the 00s and 2010s, but has stepped away from that career to raise her children.

Keith's oldest daughter Shelley has attended events with the family, but like Tricia and Stelen, never spoken publicly.

The formal Country Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony takes place in the fall.

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