Imagine you are taking your usual walk for your health. It might be common to run into other people in your neighborhood that you know. This is nothing strange.

For people in South Louisiana, we always love to visit, so if you are taking this walk, and bump into someone you know you likely will stop to chat.

That's the scenario that played out for a Utah grandma this past weekend, but her experience wasn't one that she will ever repeat. It's a story about being distracted. And, don't we all get distracted?

The woman, 53-year-old Tanner Barker of Utah got distracted talking to her neighbor, and while there was a pause in her walking she decided to dig into her pocket and take her vitamins. I mean, why not? You're stopped anyway. So, she did just that.

Apple Airpods

She was horrified later though when she dug into her pocket to get her AirPod to put it back in her ear only to discover it was not in there. As she thought about things, Barker realized exactly what happened...........she swallowed her AirPod!!! That's what she explained to

She was in a panic, and who wouldn't be? What in the world do you do when something like this happens? Well, it turns out, that you call your family members that are in the medical field. All of them recommend to you that you are going to have to wait it out. Yep!!! It's best just to let the AirPod pass naturally!!! So the waiting game was on.

Wow! How could this happen? She told Insider she was so "into" the conversation that she thought the shape of her vitamins was weird, and it took a lot of water to get them down, but she kept swallowing.

She told Insider,

I was just like, 'Oh my gosh. I cannot believe I just did that. I've got an Airpod inside me now.'

When she got home and told her husband, he told her, don't tell anyone! But, she spilled the beans on TikTok, and now we all know.

You can only imagine the kind of comments she got after people saw the video.

Thankfully, naturally, the AirPod was expelled from her, and everything is okay now.

While this situation ended well, make sure this never happens to someone you know with any small object because things don't always end up going to well for ingesting small objects. And please, make sure that you call a doctor or go to the emergency room.

And then, do you remember this story from last year?

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