Remember how everyone dropped their collective Biggie Bags in horror after they believed Wendy's was going to raise prices at the busiest times of the day?

The fast food chain is looking to move on from that moment by not only clarifying it's pricing plans, but also offering up some cheap burgers.

Wendy's Stance On Surge Pricing

A story quickly circulated in late February that Wendy's was exploring a "surge" pricing structure similar to what is used by Uber and other companies. The provided charges the customer a higher price when there is the greatest demand.

For example, you look for a ride from Uber as a massive music festival is wrapping up for the day, but every option is way over-priced because so many people are trying to use the service at the same time.

Wendy's Retail Location. Wendy's is an International Fast Food Restaurant Chain.
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Wendy's has since looked to clarify what it has planned for pricing its fast food menu items moving forward. In a statement to the Associated Press, the company made it clear they were NOT implementing surge pricing.

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Instead, Wendy's wants to install digital menu boards that can be easily changed to adjust offerings depending on the time of day. In other words, maybe they offer some sort of discount when things are a little slow.

This phrasing makes it sound more like they will be lowering from the existing price when fewer customers are coming in instead of jacking up prices when the drive-thru is packed with cars.

Wendy's Offering Cheap Burgers To Its Customers

In a promotion tied to March Madness and the NCAA Basketball Tournament (nope, totally not because everyone was worried about the surge pricing), Wendy's is offering customers its Dave's Single burger for $1 and the Dave's Double for $2.

The Ohio-based company announced this week the offer is available to customers who order through its app through April 10.

Now that they addressed this issue, what would it take to bring back Wendy's SuperBar for those who crave self-serve tacos and pasta?

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