The excitement for the upcoming solar eclipse in Texas is very high.

There are many events planned for the big day, which is of course is set for April 8th, 2024. A lot of individuals in the Lone Star State are ready for it to happen, but there is still time to get those plans ready. Some will be simply going to a park to see it happen, or traveling to different parts of the state to witness the moment.

Wherever certain Texans are getting ready for the big day, it's bound to be a moment for individuals young and old to witness this moment in history. After all, the next this will happen again is in 2044, according to NASA! But, for those that want to experience the event in style, there's a new way being offered.

Delta Air Lines is set to take customers on a flight of a lifetime, that will provide a new view of the eclipse many will wish to experience.

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As reported by Delta themselves, the company is offering a flight that takes off at 12:15 PM CST in Austin, and lands in Detroit, Michigan at 4:20 PM EST. As reported by the airline, the plane ride will offer the best opportunity for those very excited about the eclipse to be in the path of totality!

Delta even revealed that plane being used for the voyage, an A220-300, will have larger than normal windows. This way, everyone can see the moment in a very rare and exclusive way. It's certainly one way to see the eclipse isn't it?

It's safe to say, you might need to hurry and purchase tickets on this flight quickly, because they might go fast!

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