Cooking in Texas, especially during the holidays, can be difficult.

There's many factors the could cause issues. The amount of people you're cooking for, when food is to be served, and most importantly, do you have enough ingredients to make everything?

Planning is very important for the holiday. With so many things needed for the big day, preparations begin pretty early don't they? Of course getting the Turkey is important, but what about perhaps...the rolls to go with the meal?

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As it turns out, one business that is very famous for its rolls is offering them frozen. The eatery you ask? Well it does have a certain Lone Star flair to it...

Texas Roadhouse Rolls For Thanksgiving? How So?

Yes, you read that right. You can enjoy Texas Roadhouse rolls on Thanksgiving, and you won't even have to make them from scratch!

But, how do you do this feat? Well thankfully, it's very simple. According to Food Republic, you must get in touch with your local Texas Roadhouse, either by going to the restaurant or by phone.

They even come with cinnamon butter when you order them, which is an added bonus certainly. Food Republic reports that you can place an order for a dozen or half-dozen rolls. One Tik Tok video even sheds further light on how the user obtained them:

So if you're a huge fan of Texas Roadhouse, looks like you can bring one of their most famous items home for the holidays. Will you do this? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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