Teaching the next generation is always important to many Texas residents.

As times continue to change, so does what it is taught to the younger Texans in the Lone Star State. With the continuous growth of technology, things that would be hard to teach in the past have grown easier over time. But there is still work to be done in the education world.

Schools need to be upgraded with the latest needs for teaching, as well as buildings needing maintenance. Many teachers are also required as well. There's so much necessary that we'd run out of time describing everything.

Texas certainly seems to be on the list of needing to improve sadly, if new data is to be believed.

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Texas Education May Need Some Extra Help


Latest data from Wallethub should certainly worry some residents in the Lone Star State. Why do we say that? Well, at the time of writing, Texas isn't standing tall.

Rather, the state is going to need to improve overall. Wallethub used two simple factors in the their data collection to determine the ranking of the overall 50 states. The components were educational attainment and quality of education & attainment gap.

In educational attainment, Texas landed at 42nd, while quality of education & attainment gap was a bit better at 22nd. The overall score for the state was 40.50 total. So where did Texas in the 50 states?

41st overall. Yes, in the bottom ten of the nation. Not what any of us wanted to see or hear.

Looks like we've got some work to do Texas!

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