We love dogs & cats in Texas but one thing homeowners should definitely look out for are any unwanted guests in their backyards. Especially if you feed your pets outside or at night. The reason why, you might be bringing extra animals to invade your backyard.

What kind of animals have been spotted invading Texas backyards?

Speaking from personal experience, there have been several people in El Paso that have said "STOP FEEDING THE SKUNKS". For example on Ring Neighbors, one person expressed their frustration saying that their 2 dogs were sprayed by a skunk twice, because someone left out food around the Park Hills area.

We've also seen skunks around our radio station at night too (let alone my neighborhood) so I get what this person is saying.

skunk in nature during fall

In fact, there have been a number of MANY mammals that like to sneak into backyards in Texas. Animals like opossums, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, deer, and even bobcats have been known to be spotted way too close near houses in Texas.

And those are just the NORMAL ones. There have been sightings of truly creepy ones; like this dog-like creature in Hill Country Village

Or these strange hairless dogs near Grapevine, Texas.

Now the likelihood of finding creatures like these eating your pet's food is pretty low; but the message that one Ring comment wants to get out is pretty clear. If you're gonna feed your pets, don't leave out food at night because you can attract many creatures who could harm you or your pets.

So keep your eyes out at night; and make sure to keep your pets inside to keep their safe (especially from stinky skunks)

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