A beloved Texas rodeo goat ... the animal, not an epic bronco-buster labeled "Greatest of All Time" ... is loose in Texas and locals are VERY serious about getting it back.

Everyone in a small Texas town is on the lookout for a runaway goat named Willy. Willy is short for Willacy County, where "Willy" went missing.

Willy's true gender has yet to be identified.

Since it's a GOAT, personally, I think they should have named him Tom Brady. If he turns out to be a she, we could go with "Tommy", spelled T-O-M-I.

Back to "Willy", he/she is a beloved rodeo goat and residents of the small, south Texas town where Willy went missing are way worried.

Willy ghosted his handlers July 15th. Searchers on horseback and ATV's are out in force, the whole town's got their eyes open and they're shopping a helicopter to aid in the search.

Local businesses have offered a myriad of prizes, valued at over $5K in all, to whoever helps track Willy down including briskets, (this is Texas after all), frescoes and salon service.

“This has just gotten bigger than we ever dreamed. Our county is a really small county, about 20,000 population and a mostly agriculture, farming and ranching community. And we’re very much one big family … So, we’re excited that everybody wants to find our goat,” said Alison Savage, president of the Willacy County Livestock Show and Fair. - KXAN

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QUESTION: If someone shows up with Willy, how will we know it's really him?

Are his hoof prints on file? Are his parents loaded in some goat DNA databank somewhere?

Just wondering. No offense but, goats all kinda look alike to me.

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Back to naming the goat after the real GOAT, Tom Brady. This could work whether "Willy" shares an X and Y chromosome or not.

Depending on which way the gender wind blows, we can go with "Tom" or "Braydee".

I'll offer some prizes of my own, (Tom probably will too, he seems pretty cool), if we can agree to make that happen.

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