If you want your local, El Paso Popeye's chicken joint to totally hook you up, you may have to betray your favorite football team for a minute.

Don't worry though, your team is probably already not an issue here and, if it is, there's still a 75% chance you will become a non-issue this weekend.

Yep ... this whole free wings deal has to do with the Big Game and, even if your team survives this weekend, it's still 50/50 as to whether or not we get bonused.

Popeye's basically made a bet with the universe, offering customers all over free wings if a "winged" team wins the Super Bowl. That narrowed it down to Eagles, Ravens and the Bills.

Why the Bills? They have some kind of tie-in with wings that I, honestly, don't get. That's what I read on the internet though. In any event, they're obviously not going to win the big one and neither are the Eagles.

Which means, whether you love 'em or hate 'em, if you want free wings from Popeye's, you just became a Ravens fan.

I don't want to jinx anything but, if you're curious, here are the odds according to the brainiacs at sportsnaut.com, those at USA Today and the ones in Vegas.

I'm hoping it's 49'ers - Ravens this year and planned to support the 9'ers on behalf of a good friend who loves them. If one of our teams is out, we typically shift to backing the other guys team.

With wings on the line though, loyalties were tested. J/K - I'll stay true and back my buddy's team. If it had been free Coor's Light though ...

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