The retail giant is shaking things up in El Paso, and across Texas, with a new policy change ... and it's a good thing.

Sam's Club has locations all over Texas, 4 in El Paso and one in Las Cruces. All of them are about to change a long standing practice that, in theory, is going to make exiting the store quicker.

Something I can already hear Sam's shoppers everywhere, me included, breathing a huge sigh of relief over.

Sam's Club is a blessing for peeps that need to buy in bulk. Large families, folks planning big parties, businesses ... basically, anybody who needs gallons of mayonnaise, 10 pair of jeans or 300 sodas. The gas is (usually) cheaper too, just sayin'.

The down side of the great deals is the long lines. Not the checkout line, that's just the first line. Then, you have to wait in another, (often even longer), line to prove you paid for all the stuff you just bought. (Insert eye rolling emoji here.)

Good news though, Sam's realizes that "ain't nobody got time fer 'dat" and they have a plan to eliminate it quickly. Enter todays hottest topic, AI - artificial intelligence. Using new tech, you will be further spied on as you shop BUT you'll be able to just waltz right out the door when you're done.

Under the system, customers will pay at the register or via Scan & Go, and then the combination of computer vision and digital technology will capture images of the carts and verify payment of all items within a member’s basket before they leave the store. -

More "Big Brother"? Pretty much. Skynet coming to life before our eyes? Maybe. In this case though, I'm cool with it ... the quicker I get my 90 Coors Lights home, the quicker I can enjoy 'em.

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