The state of Texas has numerous gun laws on the books but there is some confusion about what types of guns Texans can legally own.

The lone star state is pretty gun friendly and the laws regarding gun ownership are straight forward and fairly easy to understand. They do get updated from time to time though so, if you own a gun, it's a good idea to re-read them now and then

One law that a lot of folks seem to misunderstand has to do with certain firearms that are banned. Some are prohibited but legal gun owners may not realize they can still have them.

There are many laws regarding who can own rifles, shotguns and pistols. If you can legally own one ... meaning you're at least 21, (for rifles and shotguns, it's 18 but there are exceptions), not a convicted felon, etc ... then you can also own as many as you want.

Are Certain Guns Illegal In Texas?

Now that you know which Texans can own a gun and how many they can own; what types of guns can they have? While certain firearms are prohibited, they're not completely forbidden.

Under federal law, and reiterated in Texas criminal code, rifles with a barrel length of less than 16 inches and shotguns with a barrel length of less than 18 inches are generally prohibited. Exceptions are made to such weapons, as well as machine guns and silencers, if the purchaser registers the weapon with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and pays a $200 tax. -

Texas allows both concealed and open carry if, again, all legal requirements are met. To learn how to get a license to carry in Texas, click here.

32 States With Laws to Take Guns From Certain People

The 2nd amendment is very important for Texans. However, it's very possible Texas could follow other states and take guns away from certain law breaking citizens.

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